Big Data for Open innovation marketplace – BD4OPEM

This project considers open innovation as a natural solution to create a seamless link and balance between energy stakeholders needs and the solutions to be developed.
Jan 2020
Jun 2023
Big data for open marketplace

Energy power systems face big challenges to cope with grid integration demands of an ever-increasing number of distributed generation and consumption devices in an interconnected world. Technology offers a huge range of opportunities to develop solutions in the uncertain current and upcoming energy market situation.  

Project abstract

Nowadays, old metering, operation and control devices are combined with smart systems with a huge amount of data being available yet unused or underused. This data offers a wide range of possibilities to improve existing energy services and creating new ones, all available in an open innovation marketplace, and processed through an analytic toolbox. This project will develop this analytic toolbox, based on big data techniques, providing tools for enabling efficient business processes in the energy sector. By extracting more value from available data, a range of innovative services will be created in the fields of grid monitoring, operation and maintenance, network planning, fraud detection, smart houses/buildings/industries energy management, blockchain transactions and flexibility aggregation for demand-response. The open innovation marketplace will ensure secure data flows from data providers to solution providers, always compliant with GDPR requirements, so that asset management is enhanced, consumer participation in energy balancing is promoted and new data-driven business models are created through innovative energy services.

The project will demonstrate the above features in four large scale pilots with diverse distributed energy sources (e.g. PV, wind, hydro, EV, storage), while promoting the competitiveness and synergies of sustainable innovations and IT Ecosystems in Europe.

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Our role

Sustainable Innovation will be work package leader for dissemination and communication, and exploitation (including business models) activities for the BD4OPEM project to key stakeholders specifically and the EU community at large. Our extensive experience from managing large-scale demonstration projects, organising national opinion building events/activities, our skills in networking and cooperation and working innovation clusters for entrepreneurs will provide the perfect ingredients to carry out these tasks. Further, Sustainable Innovation has over 10 years of experience working with EU funded projects and is well versed with the demands and requirements of dissemination/communication in an R&D context. We will participate modestly in other work packages enabling the project to understand and address challenges/possibilities for dissemination and exploitation in each partner region and the EU as a whole.

Project name
Big Data for Open innovation marketplace - BD4OPEM
Project partners
CITCEA-UPC / We Plus / Odit-e / Atos / JSI / ICOM / Nuvve / OEDAS / MOBI/VUB / Estabanell Energia / Elektro Celje / Sustainable Innovation
Funded by
European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme

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