Co-creating a resilient future

Sustainable innovation contributes to sustainable change through collaboration. Together with business, the public sector and research, we create, test and scale up innovations that contribute to profound social change and make the climate, business, and life more sustainable.

Our focus is on sustainable solutions within buildings, mobility, and energy systems. In this way, we contribute to the global goals 7, 9, 11 and 12 of Agenda 2030.

Today, climate and energy change is a question that almost every part of society can and wants to influence. There are many ways to make a difference, but it can be difficult to know how to go about it practically. This is where we come into the picture.


A membership in Sustainable Innovation offers many benefits for those interested in making a sustainable impact. If your organization is interested, please contact Roland at roland.elander(a)

Our story

Sustainable Innovation was founded in 2008 and established a unique position with bringing sustainable solutions from research to full-scale implementation, in close collaboration with leading companies, entrepreneurs and researchers.

Sustainable Innovation shows the way to a more sustainable society by demonstrating and scaling up market-adapted environmental innovations in order to contribute to a profound social change that makes the climate, business, and life more sustainable. We focus on market-close and innovative solutions in construction, mobility and energy systems, both nationally and internationally. We initiate and take the lead in both technical and non-technical demonstration projects and by supporting ecopreneurs to scale up their operations.

Sustainable Innovation aides promising ideas and solutions to avoid the infamous “valley of death”, that is, the gap between development and commercialization. We do this by creating demonstration platforms in collaboration with our extensive network of decision-makers from industry, academia and the public sector. In addition, we have established an international platform, Xport, where we help Swedish SMEs to establish their operations abroad.

From the drawing board to reality

To create a future that is sustainable for everyone, one can do it in many different ways. We have undertaken to be an organization that takes innovation solutions from head to toe, from drawing boards to reality. We want to be a company that helps all parts of society do what they can to contribute to a sustainable world, while at the same time creating a more sustainable business. Together with our members, we realize a sustainable future.

If we are to succeed in building a sustainable society then we must work long term. We are therefore constantly running over 30 parallel projects, all of which have set the sights on the climate change we know is necessary. The sustainability solutions that are created in collaboration with our members and partners will be implemented in the market, which not only helps Sweden reach our climate goals but also strengthens Swedish competitiveness. Because we know that the competitiveness of the future has focus on sustainability.

Networking and communication

We realize sustainable innovations and projects through collaboration. In order for an idea to be taken from the drawing board to the market, networks and meeting places are needed where enablers can be met and partly communication efforts to implement and make available sustainable solutions. That is why we operate several networks and communication platforms. One such platform is our Sustainability Arena at the Theater Ship, where we annually coordinate some 40 sustainability events with some twenty organizers with over 3000 participants. Another meeting place is our monthly breakfast seminars where we invite you to exciting meetings with people who work in sustainability and innovation. The purpose is to break the habitual thinking patterns and show that a sustainable future can be achieved in collaboration.