We provide support for export initiatives

Xport is a platform for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with ambitions to strengthen or commence investments for trading internationally. We are targeting companies within digitalization and mobility and with a clear energy relevance. Primary target markets are the Nordic countries, Europe, the USA, India and China.

As a partner in Xport, you will be offered support throughout the process, from finding the right market to business networking and establishment. We will strengthen specific elements of your export venture in crucial issues: “proof of concept” through projects with industry-leading companies, preparatory work and networks for capital acquisition, to support setting up your business internationally with partners, contact with customers and local authorities. You will also obtain necessary authorizations through our network and partners.

In order to join us:

  • Your company may have no more than 249 employees and/or a turnover of 50 million euros/year
  • You must have a strong ambition to expand or commence exporting abroad from Sweden
  • You must have the operational capacity to operate export investment
  • Your product / solution / service must be scalable
  • You must have the financial capacity or plan for raising capital

About Xport

The Xport platform is a collaboration between Sustainable Innovation, North Sweden Cleantech and the Industrial municipalities in Sweden and the Energy Agencies of Sweden procured by the Swedish Energy Agency. Xport’s partners are distributed throughout all Sweden for identification of “export-mature” companies. We are looking for relevant businesses that can contribute to building Swedish export successes within Digitization & Mobility and with a connection to energy.